Connecting diverse services to the blockchain ecosystem.



We are believers in blockchain technology and committed to improving the existing business environment around the globe. Creating brand new ecosystems for different industries with the latest blockchain technology.


Along with the development of blockchain technology, we are devoted to simplify complicated business processes and further explore practical solutions in implementing blockchain technology to meet specific business needs. We aim to be one of the many links in the chain that are transforming the future of what blockchain can mean to businesses, societies, and economies around the world.



Remain to be a pioneer in the blockchain industry by continuing to explore the latest technology and bring value to our clients.


Explore and implement a sidechain or new blockchain, i.e. HunterChain, to further stabilize the DApps and smart contracts on the Hunter King Platform


Assist companies and end-users to adapt to the transformation of traditional systems to blockchain systems


Increase the penetration of blockchain technology into different regions, particularly in the Asia Pacific region


Educate the market about the blockchain technology and its various uses


Our ecosystem is scalable and rapidly provides reliable decentralised services to our users. There are future plans to develop a native sidechain and further enhance the efficiency and stability of the ecosystem by exploring the use of some other more advanced technologies in the future.


DApps are open-source software built on top of and integrated with blockchain technology. These have been developed in recent years and are using decentralised storage and decentralised communication.

Decentralized Networks

With no central point of failure and secured using cryptography, applications are well protected against hacking attacks and fraudulent activities.

Smart Contracts

Smart contract technology was first introduced by Ethereum in 2015, creating many more possibilities than just financial transactions. Essentially, smart contracts allow two or more people to enter into an agreement based upon specified conditions. Once these conditions have been met, the smart contract is executed automatically.

Side Chains

DApps can be scaled through sidechains. A sidechain is a separate blockchain that is attached to its parent blockchain using a two-way peg. The two-way peg enables interchangeability of assets at a predetermined rate between the parent blockchain and the sidechain.


Hunter Wallet and POS

All-in-one crypto wallet combines crypto wallet, payment and exchange. POS is designed for collecting tokens. Instant exchange in competitive price with Hunter exchange network. Only user knows the mnemonics meaning no other can access your assets.

E Payment

Use your crypto in your daily life with simple scan-to-pay online and offline. A diversified merchant list across different industries in many countries. Helping business reach crypto users with no complication. Fast fiat settlement. No risk on crypto price fluctuation.

Crypto token P2P loan platform

Getting cash without selling crypto tokens. Choices of interest rates. No credit check. No service charge. Repay in one time or monthly instalment.